At felicx we inspire improved care services.

By Engaging
Engaging Care Providers who want to better understand their Care Customers
By Asking
Asking Care Customers and their family members how their care experience is going
By Collating
Collating and analysing that feedback to create unique insights
By Sharing
Sharing these insights with the Care Provider so they can take action to improve the care experience of their Care Customers

How we are shaping care at felicx.

  • We question lived care experiences

    People all over Australasia have care needs that are met by a wide range of services, delivered either at home or in the community. But what’s their lived experience of these services?

  • We measure customer experience

    At felicx we believe that unless we measure customer experience in a systematic way, we’ll never know the answer to the question posed above. And what we don’t measure, we don’t improve.

  • We provide ongoing feedback

    Felicx is a way for Care Providers to get regular and ongoing feedback from their Care Customers.

  • We supply confidential deep insights

    We offer the protection of ensuring independence and client confidentiality, while at the same time, providing deep insights about Care Customers and how they experience your service.

  • We work with Care Providers

    We work with Care Providers as a trusted partner in Customer Experience. Our role is to collect customer feedback, analyse the feedback and generate key insights that will help Care Providers to take action to improve their service. We work hand-in-hand with Care Providers to identify what Care Customers really think of the care experience, and we work hard to make sure we take account of all perspectives, whether it's direct Care Customers or their immediate family members.

Contact us to learn more about felicx

If you would like to learn more about our subscription services, please contact us. We’d be delighted to take you through our products and see how they can be of benefit.

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