At felicx we provide a Customer Care product range
within the felicx subscription service

We have a range of products, that we offer through a subscription service. Our products include:

Felicx Rate uses a selection of proven customer experience tools to generate scores that measure the big picture.

Felicx Share is a collection of digital surveys of care customers and their families, providing insights and benchmark data for customer experience.

Felicx Talk are interviews of Care Customers and their families by trained felicx staff to seek feedback about their experience.

Felicx See are observations and walk-throughs of a care service by trained felicx staff, providing expert feedback of the customer experience environment.

We also have a range of value added services including...

Felicx In is a suite of Mystery Shopping Tools to explore the ease of Care Customers and their families accessing and deciding which Care Provider best suits their needs.

Felicx Out is a suite of Exit Tools to seek feedback from Care Customers or their family members about their overall Customer Experience journey.

Felicx Chat are Focus Groups with Care Customers to explore in more detail, customer experience and to gain greater insights into their sentiment.

Felicx Pro is a body of professionals supporting Care Providers to improve customer experience through strategy, consulting and thought leadership.

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If you would like to learn more about our subscription services, please contact us. We’d be delighted to take you through our products and see how they can be of benefit.

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