Shaping care with human insights.

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Change human services
for the better

felicx is an independent customer experience (CX) partner and subscription-based service that measures customer satisfaction and helps organisations improve the quality of their service.

Why use felicx?

Find out how to improve your performance with accurate data.

What can you achieve with felicx?

Record and reflect on honest feedback

Reviews and testimonials won’t give you real insight into how people feel about your care. felicx gathers feedback from digital and non-digital sources to provide accurate data to inform your service.

Boost performance and improve quality of care

We analyse qualitative and quantitative customer feedback to measure how you’re tracking. Compare your results with sector standards and deliver timely performance improvement to make meaningful change.

Ground new
policies in data

Good policies are based on accurate and up-to-date research. Arm yourself with the knowledge to create policies that support and advocate for the customer while adhering to government regulations.

Secure and private
data collection

Data protection is a concern in every business, particularly in healthcare. felicx values your privacy and the anonymity of your customers, so you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

Meet and exceed compliance

As scrutiny on the care sector sharpens, navigating government regulations becomes even more difficult. But with a systemised feedback loop and data-driven visuals, it’s easy to show you’re compliant.
Get up-to-date, comprehensive feedback.

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felicx Team

Who is felicx?

We were founded by a group of compassionate human services experts who believe measuring CX accurately and continuously is the only way to truly know how people experience care.

felicx provides healthcare professionals and organisations with a holistic and in-depth understanding of CX through reliable human insights. Our purpose? To help improve people’s lives by changing the care sector for the better.

Suzi Cowcher

Director and Co-Founder

Suzi Cowcher is a human services and healthcare expert with over 30 years of experience in clinical care, strategy, governance and performance monitoring. Her sector knowledge and first-hand experience give her a unique perspective on the delicate balance between customer experience and corporate success and how insights can improve the quality of service.

Sarah Russell

Director and Co-Founder

Sarah Russell is a leader in strategy, innovation and transformation, with a history in management roles in the mining industry. Sarah’s 25 years in leadership have given her a strategic mindset and ability to solve complex organisational problems by looking beyond traditional ways of working. Sarah brings her innovative spirit and passion for empowering businesses to change the way they work.

Our values

Our business is aligned with core values.


We shine a light on what matters most in people’s lives.


We see the big picture by taking in all the perspectives.


We keep it real. Real data. Real relationships. Real outcomes.


We strive for constant and never-ending improvement.

Get up-to-date, comprehensive feedback.

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